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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


WOW..... Let me say that one more time; "WOW!" I have all ways had a deep interest in turn of the century tobacco cards. I just love them! I have owned some T-206 cards in the past, but never of anyone famous by today's standards, until today! And boy am I STOKED! I collect T-205 cards, and am trying to collect the set of them, but there are a few other pre-WWII cards that I want to add to my collection. This Ty Cobb with the Red Background is one of those cards. The others include: Cy Young green background portrait; Christy Mathewson hands folded at check with black (prefered) cap (but I won't say no to the white cap version!); and the 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig. Now THAT is a card!

This card is graded a "30 - Good" by SGC. It does have a horizontal crease, but cards 100 years old do have creases! Although this card was a few bucks, cards in even slightly better condition sell for A LOT more! It seems once you cross that SGC 40 mark, the cost of the cards goes to the moon.

Wow, I have a Cobb....

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