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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off topic: BOY vs. FOOD!

My son and I are HUGE fans of the Travel Channel's show, Man Vs. Food! We love it! (And mom and dad have taken our son's interest in this show and used it during meal times when Ewan doesn't want to eat....We now have BOY vs. FOOD challenges at the dinner table - AND IT WORKS!)

Today my wife went to her girlfriend's for the night, so it left the boys home alone. So what did we do? We went to WaWa and got a TWO FOOT ITALIAN HOAGIE WITH ALL OF THE FIXINGS! (We live in Virginia, but I was born and raised in Philadelphia, so having a WaWa around the corner was a BLESSING! I LOVE HOAGIES! Now, if we can only get a decent Cheese Steak around here!!!!!)

The Man v. Food TV show is having a live event in early February, and told the viewers to send in their own Man v. Food challenges....This was our challenge and photo that we submitted! We are hoping they will choose it for display during their live food event on February 3!

Needless to say, food did not get the beat down we were hoping for....My little big man put away about four inches of the 24 inch beast. I did a lot better, but here it is six hours after the first bite and there is still 10 inches of Hoagie left on the kitchen counter....

But man will win tonight! A good Hoagie and a Beer... Life is good...

2001 World Series ROMLB

Above is a photograph of a ROMLB used in the 2001 World Series. In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, this ball shows the nation's support of its country with the American flag on the ball. The sticker says it is the "official 2001 World Series Baseball Ceremonial 1st Pitch." This box also has a nice official MLB hologram sticker with the 2001 World Series log "sealing" the box to prevent tampering. The box is slightly crushed on the bottom right corner, but intact all the same.

Spalding Official Babe Ruth League Baseball

Above is an opened box containing a Spalding Officail Babe Ruth League Baseball numbered 41-129. This item was manufactured in Haiti. When I purchased this ball, it said it was un-used, which very well be the case, but shows signs of toning from infield dirt. It could just be age (and probably what it is), but it is a unique ball for my collection.

August 31, 1997 Don Mattingly Day Commemorative Baseball

1997 World Series ROMLB

1994 World Series ROMLB

Here is an un-opened ROMLB for the 1994 World Series - AKA the World Series that never happened. On September 14, 1994 it was decided to cancel the Series due to an ongoing player strike by the Major League Baseball Players Association. That was only the second time the Series was cancelled since the inception of the National Pastime. This ball is in a new, unopened box.

One point I would like to make. Prior to recent years, Rawlings, the company who makes all of the baseballs used in the MLB, all ways put colorful stickers on the outside of the boxes to identify the type of ball inside. Now, however, the boxes are not "sealed" like they were in the past, and the only outside marking identifying the type of ball inside is an acronym on the bottom of the box with a bar code. Visually, when my boxed balls are displayed, these newer balls no not have the eye appeal like many of my older boxes. Ashame...

MacGregor Official League Ball

Here is a MacGregor Official League ball designated no. "B79C." The box is "sealed" as the "Pull Tab" on the top is still intact, but the glue holding the bottom flaps closed has degraded to a point where it is no longer holding the pieces to gether. As with purchases I have made for "opened" baseballs, I made sure the numbers on the ball and box match, as evident in this photograph.

ROMLB Cal Ripken Jr's Last Game

Here is a ball that I really enjoy, mostly because of the art work on the sticker on the box (not to mention it is in honor of one of the games greatest players!).

This is a ROMLB Cal Ripkin, Jr. Final Game Baseball in honor of Cal's final game on October 6, 2001 at Oriole Park in Baltimore. Cal's final game was suppose to happen at Yankee Stadium, but the terrorist attacks of September 11 postponed a week's worth of games.
This is Spalding Official Little League baseball designated No. LL1. I can only assume that the "LL" stands for "Little League." Based upon other examples I have seen in the marketplace, I estimate that this ball is from the 1960s. The box is in excellent condition with the "Pull Tab" on the top still intact; it has never been opened.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here is an example of a Wilson Pacific Coast League Baseball in its original, sealed box. The ball is identifeid as number "A1010." The box is in good shape, with some minor crushing on the back sides. The Pacific Coast League is a Triple-A minor league baseball league that was founded in 1903, but remains active today in the West, Midwest, and Southeast of the United States.
It is estimated that this baseball comes from the 1960s.

Mac Gregor Offical League Horsehide Cover Baseball - 1950s?

Here is a neat baseball I purchased on eBay in late 2009. This is a Mac Gregor Official League Horsehide Cover Baseball identified as "BPH". In the photo you can see the stamp on the ball reads "Special" on the sweet spot and the matching "BPH" under the sweet spot which matches the box stamp.
This ball is from the 1950s to early 1960s. It has been opened, but the ball is in un-used condition; the tape that sealed the box is still intact with a follow through stance of a baseball batter.

MacGregor Offical League B79C Baseball

Here is an example of a Mac Gregor Official Leage baseball from the 1970s (we believe). The ball is identified as "B79C". I am trying to research the significance of the "B79C" stamping as I have a strong feeling that "79" represents the year the ball was manufactured. This is just a hunch.
The box has never been opened and is in pristine condition! This ball was purchased off of eBay in the later part of 2009.

Babe Ruth 100th Anniversay Replica Signature Baseball

I collect all kinds of baseballs, and this one was rather unique to me. This is a 100th Anniversary Babe Ruth Replica Signature Baseball. It is unclear who the actual manufacture was of this ball, but it has the copyright of the "Family of Babe Ruth and the Babe Ruth Baseball League Inc." The box is stamped from 1995.
The ball remains in it original sealed pastic wrapping, but the box has been opened. The original COA is still with the ball.

Some of my vintage baseball collection - Part I

Ok, here is one of my first balls I collected. This is a Spalding Official Pony League Baseball designated at "No. SPB (172) 41-133." This Ball was used during Pony League games. PONY is actually an acronym that stands for "Pennsylvania, Ontario, New York," the main geographic area where Pony league games were played.

The Pony league was founded in 1939 and originally included the following teams: Batavia Clippers, Bradford bees, Hamilton Red Wings, Jamestown Jaguars, Niagra Falls Rainbows and the Olean Oilers.

The Pony league remains active to this day. It is believed that this ball in my collection is from the 1960s. The box has never been opened.

Welcome to my blog!

I came into the 21st century kicking a screaming. Well, you can basically say I was crowbarred into embracing technology...I was affraid of it! I mean I could do some serious damage to technology!

But here I am, starting my onw blog about a hobby I am passionate about, baseballs.

Now, the title of this blog is "Vintage Baseballs," but it really is about collecting ALL baseballs, as long as they come in their original box! That's the kicker for me; the baseballs I collect have to come in their original box!

Over the next few days I will be posting pictures and information about my current collection, then make posts about my hunt for more baseballs!