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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Life

I lost my wife last year to lung cancer. I moved home and thought my life was over. It wasn't. When we took Karin to the hospital in late June 2010, we had the "good-bye" conversation. We knew her condition was grave, but wanted to fight - it was only eight weeks since we found the mass in her lung. So before they sedated and intibated her, we said our good-byes. She told me that if she doesn't make it, she wants me to find happiness again and that she wants me to have another family if I want because I am so young. Naturally, I told her not to worry about these things because she will be fine, but 11 days later she passed away.

For the next two months I was in a mental fog. I put my house up for sale in Virginia, packed up my house, and moved my son and I back to Fairless Hills, PA to be close to my family. I was a vegetable. I didn't eat, only slept and stayed in bed. Such the wrong thing to do.

Then in late August I got out of bed and started my new life. First thing I said I will do is buy a business and transfer my monies from Virginia to PA - the bank I used in VA does not have offices or branches in PA.

I got out of bed, got a shower, shaved, and went looking for a "big bank" to move my money. First thing I thought was Wachovia. I went to one branch, it was closed (this was a Saturday and they closed at 12:00 PM - I got there at 12:05 PM). I went to another branch to see if they were open. Closed at 12:00 PM. It was 12:15 PM and I looked across the street and saw Bank of America. Saying to myself, "they are a big bank," I walked in and took a seat. Five minutes later a gorgeous young lady asked if she could help me.

Long story short, I married that gorgeous lady on January 7, 2011.

Most people say you need time to mourn. OK, people can stay in bed and feel sorry for themselves, or others can say, "fuck it; Karin wouldn't want me like this" and move on. I moved on.

And it was the best thing for myself and my son. He now has two mommies: his protector mommy in heaven and his mommy here on earth.

Liana, I love you with every ounce of my being. You filled the darkest days with light, love, laughter, and happiness. You are everything to me. I cherish you and our expanding family, and look forward to all that life has to offer with you by my side.